Water is a basic need!

Wasserprojekt Tala Mosika 2021
Sauberes Wasser ist ein Grundrecht! Helfen Sie uns.
Wasser - Projektbeschreibung 2021.pdf
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Donation / Spenden      $ 36'000

Wir haben bereits erreicht /We have achieved so far:                      $ 12'000

Wir brauchen noch mindestens/ We still need at least:                    $ 24'000


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Wir brauchen sauberes Wasser:

  • für unsere über 350 Schüler
  • für unsere Küche
  • für unsere Krankenstation
  • für unser Personal
  • für unsere Agrikultur

Wir brauchen sauberes Wasser zum LEBEN!!

Please contact me if you like information in English to Support our Water project. Description in German you can find below.

Verseuchte Quelle

Die regionale Gesundheitsbehörde kam im Dezember 2020 vorbei, um die Quelle zu untersuchen und die Kinder medizinisch zu versorgen.

Contaminated Source

Do to a contaminated source, children who get water over there, have open wounds.

Solar- Powered Water Well

We need urgently min. $ 36'000 to access a new and protected source in 135m depth. The pump will be solar powered like our center.

  • We need water for our over 330 School children.
  • We need to provide families with water so they don't go the contaminated source.
  • We need water for our agriculture - we need to feed staff members and children.
  • We need water for our health center.
  • We need water and the football program, staff member who live on campus, public toilets, etc...  For this Water project we also create a separate Website so that you can follow the project step by step, like we did for our Solar System. (Solar Project successfully completed in October 2020 https://solar-und-bildung-talamosika.jimdofree.com.