10 years "River of Hope"

2010 - 2020

10 years "Tala Mosika"

2012 - 2022

This is the Story of 10 years "River of Hope" and our project "The Center Tala Mosika" (look beyond) in DRC.



·       How it all began

·        "…nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”, 

·       What have we achieved in the last 10 years?

·       Four containers sent between 2013 - 2019

·       My first trip was the most the most exiting trip

·       My sixth trip in 2015 - with my family in tow! What an adventure!

·       My 11th visit - the scariest one.

·       In every Challenge lies an Opportunity 

·       UN – Agenda 2030 and the 17 sustainable goals


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As the founder and project manager of River of Hope since 2010, I have a very clear ambition for our center. It is to ensure self-sustainability through the support of local entities. In order to achieve those goals, they need to understand and embrace PEP (Purpose -Energy-Patience). Only then will this project will be sustainable and a success.


We do it with "PEP"

1. Purpose – we understand why do we do what we do. 

2. Energy – the local population needs to have the energy and will power to be a part of their own development 

3. Patience – change does not happen overnight. Development needs more time then what the developed world thinks. 


Together, and with the necessary tools and support, we take small steps. They allow the locals to succeed, become even more engaged and motiviatet to create a better future for themselves and their families.

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Thank you to all our partners in Europe, people from all over the world for your trust, financial and moral support throughout the years.


Claudia, Christoph & Team in Congo and Switzerland

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